Ok, so you chose your Intention, now what? It's time to put that Intention into action! What does that look like? 

On the back side of every Intention Card, there is a column titled "Act it, try this" where you'll find some suggestions on how to practice or carry out that specific Intention.

For example, let's take "I choose to be present today."

  • Make a plan to be 100% in the moment for at least one “thing” today
  • Try two minute chill breaks to breath, stretch, sit or just "be"
  • Consider no tech zones and/or times: kitchen table, bedroom, etc. or maybe a tech-free day, morning or hour

As you become more familiar with the various Intentions, you may notice unique ways in which the Intention is carried out by your family.

If your family has discovered some great ways to "Act it," leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear how you're doing family better!

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