The Intention Cards all have valuable life skills to be practiced and learned. Some of them are more challenging than others and take more time. Choosing to smile may take less mental energy than choosing to be respectful. Consider what your world looks like when you choose an Intention to work on. Sometimes life will dictate what Intention Card goes next.  

Here are some recommendations to questions from Choose Intentionally Families:

“Video games are becoming too important to my 13 year old. What would be a good Intention to use?”

  • Choose “be present,” “make good choices,” or “be responsible.” Talk about tech boundaries, life balance or the value of hanging out with people in real life too.

“A gender neutral child is enrolled in my child’s class, any advice on how to best support them?” 

  • Choose “be a leader,” “be a good friend,” or “be respectful.” Talk about treating people fairly, being aware of other people’s feelings or being a friend to someone that is different from you or that you don’t know yet.

“My 7 year old often gets frustrated and emotional if projects or schoolwork aren’t going her way. I really want to help her but I don't know how.”

  • Choosing “be kind,” “be me,” or “be flexible” would let you talk about what it means to be patient with herself, finding her strengths, or shifting her thinking and problem solving to find a way through it.

“If I notice my spouse/partner is in a funk or super stressed out, how can I help?”

  • Choose “have fun” on a Saturday and him/her/they them figure out how to refocus and have a fun day. Choose "express emotions" and invite him/her/they to share what's going on. Choose "ask for space" and encourage him/her/they to take some time to breathe and just "be" for a hot second.

"Life feels really hard right now and I don't know if I can do this, what should I do?"

  • Choose "love,""smile," or "express emotions." Choosing to love might mean you give yourself a hug in the morning and that's it! Choosing to smile might look like forcing yourself to smile in the mirror and that's it! If you are able to let your family know that life is stressful and you are feeling overwhelmed, maybe they will support you with understanding or some help. If one of these Intentions needs to be your focus for more than one week, then great! These are all great choices. 🙌

As a mom, wife, friend, etc. when I need a break I will choose “need space” and let my family know I need some “me time.” They usually clap! 

If you want to be recognized as the family of the week, let us know what Intention you are working on and how it's going. Leave us a comment below and we will email you if you are chosen!

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