Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my whole family say the intention?
    • Yep, you got it. Choose Intentionally works best when every member of the family says the Intention out loud. Grandma’s, uncles, the neighborhood kid who is always over at your house are all welcome to say the Intention as well. 
    • Do we say the Intention all at the same time or one at a time?
      • Feel free to do both; it can be fun to mix it up. Some mornings each family member can say the Intention by themselves and some mornings saying the Intention as a group can be powerful. Take it a step further and get the family in a circle with all hands in and make it morning cheer! #toomuch? NOPE!!! Extra connection means bonus points for your family. 
      • My family leaves the house at different times in the morning, when should we say the Intention?
        • When adults and kids have different schedules, it can be tricky to get the whole family in one place for even one minute in the morning. If this is your world, it will be important that your Intention Board is in a spot where everyone will see it in the morning. Just let your family know to try their best to look at the board and say the Intention even if there is no one else around. 
        • Do we need to say the Intention every day?
          • Decide what feels right for your family and try to stick to your plan. Your family might have the time and determination to say the Intention every day and that’s great! You might shoot for Monday through Friday and take the weekends off. If your family is just trying to make it through the week, make a decision to say it when you can and let that be your plan. There is no wrong way to be successful if you are trying your best. 
        • How often do I need to circle back?
          • In an ideal world, you would have the time and mental energy to circle back with your family everyday either as a group or one on one. Life is crazy and unpredictable though, so just do your best. Circling back once a week can feel just as good as four times a week. There will be days when you know, “I have to circle back tonight!” When your family is connecting to communicate, you are doing it right.
          • Do I need to do all of the actions on the back of the card?
            • We recommend that you try one or two actions each time you use each Intention.
          • Do I ask all of the questions on the back of the card when I circle back?
            • We recommend that you get into the habit of asking, “How did you choose to be a leader today/this week” to encourage your chosen Intention. Pick additional questions from the Circle Back list when you have more time to connect with your family or at mealtimes. 
            • I want to do this but I can't get my family on board.
              • FORCE THEM! Just kidding, try to get another family to start the journey with you so that your kids can say things like, "Your mom is MAKING you do this too?" Starting something new with a friend can be a great way to get buy in from your family.
            • How often should I change the Intention?
              • Once your family gets comfortable with the rhythm of this lifestyle, you can decide the frequency at which you change out the Intention. We suggest setting the Intention for the week to get going and if that feels good, stick with it. There might be times where life demands a specific Intention for just one day, feel free to change it!
              • I have a child who is not wanting to participate, what do I do?
                • Some family members might take more time to get on board, this is normal. It does seem strange at first, standing in front of a board and saying Intentions out loud. Acknowledge that, “This is a little weird right? But we are going to try it and see what happens.” Try meeting them at their level: Ex. If you have an eye roller, then roll your eyes too when you say it and get them to smile. Just keep modeling by saying the Intentions out loud and your unwilling family member will see you and hear you and hopefully join you soon enough.  
              • I really want to do this but I don’t have the time, what can I do?
                • Choosing to live Intentionally shouldn't stress you out. If you are finding that it is or you are feeling guilty about not “doing it right” then it’s time to adjust how your family is using Choose Intentionally. Consider working on an Intention for 2 weeks or even one month at a time. Choose Intentions that you can be more successful with when life feels more stressful. “I choose to love today” and giving a child a hug everyday might be easier to follow through with that “I choose to be a leader today.” Choosing “I choose to ask for space” or “I choose to express my emotions” could be a good choice if life feels overwhelming too. 

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