Getting Started

Here’s what you need to know to get started:

1. Decide where your Intention board is going to “live” and set it up. The kitchen is a popular choice—basically somewhere everyone will see it everyday.

2. Familiarize yourself with the Intention Cards.

The front of the Intention Card shows the Intention and its corresponding Foundational Pillar.

The back of the Intention Card shows 3 ways to put the Intention into practice:

  • Act—Use these actions to practice the Intention.
  • Coach—Use this language to teach and encourage the Intention.
  • Circle Back—Use these questions to check in with your family, daily or weekly.

3. The Intention Board acts as storage and display for all the Intention Cards.     

    • Find “I choose to smile today." You will start with this Intention Card on a Monday. It will be your focus all week as you get familiar with how to use the board.
    • Read the actions to your family and talk about which ones you will try. You might do this weekly or daily with the cards.
    • Place the Intention Cards in the slot with ”I choose to smile today” at the front of the stack. 

    4. In the morning, take turns *ADULTS TOO!* reading the Intention out loud. Offer words of support & encouragement when someone reads the intention like: 

      • “Strong choice!” 
      • “Good idea!” 
      • “I will join you on this quest today!” (Pirate voice for sure!)

      5.  Your family goes about their day with the Intention in mind and perhaps an action to try. (Baby steps…this will happen eventually I promise.)

      6. Sometime later in the day, plan to “circle back” as a group (ex. Dinner time) or individually (ex. In the car, on a walk, at bedtime). *Some families will circle back daily and others every few days or even weekly.

      ***FAMILY DANCE PARTY! YOU DID IT! That’s how this works: 
      Choose it, Say it, Act it, Circle Back! HIGH FIVE! ***

      7. As you make this a habit, you will get into a rhythm of intentions driving conversations/actions and conversations/actions driving intentions. Sunday night  (or in the wee hours of Monday morning) choose a new Intention Card you would like to focus on for the coming week.

      You are being successful if your family is connecting and communicating. Keep it up!  If you have any questions, leave us comment below.

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