Why Choose Intentionally?

This system helps you do family better.

When you present Choose Intentionally to your family, they might look at you like you've grown a third arm. "You want us to what?" "Why are we doing this?" You might hear many questions like these...

Here are some great explanations to help guide that conversation. Feel free to pick some or all of the following reasons and then say them out loud to your family so they are as excited as you are to start this journey:

  • You want every member of your family to feel empowered every day
  • You want to celebrate accomplishments of every family member
  • You want to give your family members the chance to be seen and heard
  • You want your family to learn from each other
  • You want your family to spend more time enjoying life and being present
  • You want your family to get to know and understand each other better
  • You want your family to be connected because connected families function better 
  • You want to “do family better”

What's your motivation for starting this journey? Leave us a comment below.

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