Why analog?

It is a real concern among parents that parenting standards and expectations have risen while opportunities for support has dropped. Parents want their kids to grow up to be competent, happy, independent and develop the life skills they will need when we aren't around to guide them. 

Parents want to enjoy the journey of parenthood while also maintaining their own interests and relationships. They are looking for a way to teach their children how to think and act that doesn’t involve another app or piece of technology. The real work has to happen offline. Current available options include books, podcasts, and blogs touting “how to raise an adult" or "how to have a happy family." While these are great options for some who are able to take an idea and execute it, what's missing is visual roadmap that you can see and touch that shows how to implement a successful whole family parenting system.

It can relieve stress to have a visual reminder of what is expected from family members. School age children learn all day long by visual cues and tactile supports, why don’t we have them in our homes?

Choose Intentionally provides tangible help to parents in their homes, acting as a third voice to help them parent and raise their family. It also provides a platform that creates an environment for parents to teach healthy habits and build life skills. Eventually, these new habits will lead to independence while also stressing the value of living in the moment and being good humans.

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