Why Intentions Matter

An intention is the determination to feel and act in a certain way. When families choose to start their day saying an intention out loud, practice how to navigate the day with that intention in mind, and then circle back with each other at the end of the day, it creates a cycle of communication. That structured and consistent communication is how this system coaches parents how to teach kids to solve their own problems and run their own lives, building connections and strengthening empowerment along the way.

In his book Aware, The Science and Practice of Presence, Dr. Dan Siegel writes:

“How intention glows, determines where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural and interpersonal connection grow.  Your intention sets the direction of attention and connection.  When we set an intention in awareness with initial purposeful effort, we influence what will also become intention even outside of our awareness. This creates a state of mind that can be present without our conscious effort. This is how a repeated, purposefully create state of mind during a practice becomes an automatic trait in our lives.”

What Dr. Siegel is saying is that when we create an intention and we set up specific practices around it, we actually train our brains to guide our thinking, speech, and actions without even thinking about it.

Got any thoughts on why Intentions matter to you? We'd love to hear from you!

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