A tool for parents to raise a family that thrives one day at a time—connect, communicate, empower.

Parent Developed and Family-Tested

The Choose Intentionally Family Kit is designed to guide the attitudes and actions of everyone in the family to help them navigate their day in a more meaningful way, reinforcing family values and teaching life skills along the way.

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What Kids Get

  • Life skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Healthy habits
  • Family values
  • Consistent time & space to communicate with their parents

What Parents Get

  • A simple, practical tool
  • Language to guide and redirect kids
  • Motivation & support
  • A plan for positive parenting
  • Inspiration & tips for connecting with your kids
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What Families Get

  • A consistent routine
  • A shared sense of purpose
  • Quality family time
  • Growth & learning
  • An opportunity to do family together
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