We’re on a mission to reimagine the way caregivers and children engage with each other and their communities.

Our goal is to help every family learn how to communicate, feel connected and empowered. The Choose Intentionally Family Intention Kit supports and guides families do just that. 

We believe:
In doing family together.
All families are good families.
Families thrive with a common sense of purpose.
The home is a great place to teach values and life skills.
Parents and kids are always doing the best that they can.
Frequent positive communication and connection is a choice.
Positive relationships bring meaning, joy and fulfillment to life.
Raising a family means parents and kids grow alongside each other.
Children that learn life skills are set up to become competent adults.
Parents should never wonder if they did enough while raising their children.

It started with a phone call...

Co-Founders Ashley Mansfield and Dawn Brodehl are sisters who grew up sharing a bathroom and now share a passion for building strong families.

Ashley profile

Ashley now hails from the snowy lands of Bozeman, MT where she lives with her husband, three kids, and two dogs. She is a lover of charts and lists, prefers 1000 piece puzzles and makes a mean 6 braid challah.

Dawn profile

Dawn landed in Portland, OR where she lives with her husband and their two daughters and a plethora of houseplants. She is a pretty decent seamstress, loves to garden, and has been known to stakeout a good estate sale.