This whole method of doing family together revolves around setting Intentions. An Intention is a plan. It’s kind of like a wish with more oomph. When you set an Intention, you are telling your brain how you plan to navigate the day. When you say Intentions out loud and set up specific practices around them, you are training your brain to guide thinking, speech, and actions without even thinking about it. This is how eventually these habits and traits get hardwired into who you are and who you become.

The Intention Board holds 18 Intention Cards for your family to pick from. This board lives somewhere where your family can see it everyday — the kitchen is a popular choice. There’s also a custom Intention Notepad you can use to write your own personalized Intention, like “I choose to watch movies all day.”

The front of the Intention Card shows the Intention and its corresponding Foundational Pillar.

  • Start the morning with each family member saying the Intention out loud. Routines are fun!
  • Say it either as a group or one person at a time.
  • Change out the Intention as often as you like—Weekly works great or do it when you remember.
    It’s your choice.
  • Are mornings tough? Say it at night.

The back of the Intention Card shows 3 ways to put the Intention into practice when you have more time.

Start by picking 1 of these ideas each time you change the Intention and work up to what feels manageable for your family.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Act—Use these actions to practice the Intention.
  • Coach—Use this language to teach and encourage the Intention.
  • Circle Back—Use these questions to check in with your family, daily or weekly.